Policy Management Authorities and TACAR

The role of a Policy Management Authority, PMA, is to assess the CAs and accredit them if the CAs procedures meet the criteria specified in the trust profiles defined by the PMA.

PMAs operate independently from TACAR and define their own criteria for their certificate profiles.

To date, TACAR is the official repository for two main PMA entities: the International Grid Trust Federation (IGTF) for the eScience environment (which includes three Grid PMAs: EuGridPMA, TAGPMA, APGridPMA) and the eduPKI PMA operating for the GÉANT project.
If a particular CA certificate has been accredited by the IGTF or the eduPKI PMA, the accreditation status will be visible in TACAR.

Some CAs stored in TACAR have not been accredited by any PMA - relaying parties should refer to the CAs' policies for more information.