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CESNET CA following the IGTF rules.

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SHA-1 fingerprint: DD85B76AF96BC65BCE83437D8CA6B0A367EBBBFB
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    303 kB
    SHA-1: 9C2634A2B2DBE94B5FF4864C5A2131180D7A5897
    Uploaded: 20 September 2010

The eduPKI CA is a Certification Authority (CA) that issues X.509 digital certificates to participants of GÉANT Services who are not able to obtain suitable certificates for these services from a CA local to them. The certificates are issued in accordance with the Trust Profiles defined by eduPKI PMA to meet the demands of GÉANT Services. Currently the eduPKI CA is accredited under TACAR's "eduPKI eduroam", "eduPKI GN MDNS" and "eduPKI Generic Machine" categories.

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SHA-1 fingerprint: BD7F787E6A82B8D0FF0557E232801D756501EA60
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    359 kB
    SHA-1: 30DB38C884C246496A58723DBAB3CAE72FB467E5
    Uploaded: 5 June 2014
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